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What We Believe

  • We Believe In Putting People First!

Who We Are

  • Emergent P4 Advisors ("EPA") is a mission-driven consulting firm dedicated to provide customized consulting services in community engagement and public affairs through a combination of innovative initiatives and thoughtful insights. 
  • Emergent P4 Advisors, LLC ( "EPA") helps our clients find new ways to achieve impactful, and real- time results on many of today's toughest challenges. We combine practical advice with unconventional thinking to foster critical connections and networks that focus on social inclusion, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions for today.

What We Do


  • “EPA" is dedicated to a collaborative approach to connecting the dots to bridge people, the political process and networks to create social and collective impact. We work with municipal governments, non-profits and the private sector to identify, design and scale viable 21st century strategies .

At EPA, we employ a straightforward approach:

  1.  A  decision making process framework for community engagement and achieving political will support.
  2. We act as an integrated part of your team, to assist with the overall development and execution of your  decision making process framework .
  3. We assemble a 21st century dream team to facilitate and help implement the  decision  making process framework.

Our Work


A Decision Making Process Approach

Emergent P4 Advisors has developed a distinctive decision making process approach that has been able to help with a proactive grassroots mobilization engagement strategy , shared responsibility, active input and co-development that leads to boosting  a people first strategy through collaborative problem solving and decision making to provide the political will needed to support projects and plans. 

A commitment to an innovative approach for  addressing complex and/or amorphous problems or opportunities that are often approached without a commonly supported answer, must begin with a steadfastness to start with a  decision making process approach before a plan is created or implemented . Alternatively, a  decision making process approach enables partnerships and the community to participate in the vital role of co-development and buy-in through early involvement in the process which results in active input from a diversity of stakeholders, and puts the people in the driver’s seat. The decision  making  process is aimed to  decentralized and more participatory way of making decisions in the co-creation of the ideas and solutions. The goal is to ensure this process will not lead to, or at least mitigate, community opposition and possible derailment of a well- conceived plan.


Change Agent Leadership

  • We will promote and enable the mobilization of all stakeholders to tackle tough challenges and thrive.
  • We act as an integrated part of your team, to assist the overall development and execution of your process framework .


Putting People First Team

  • We Assemble a 21st century dream team to facilitate and help implement the process framework.

  • Our change agent team of consultants represents diverse backgrounds, that are committed to putting people first, providing innovative tools and relationship building to help our clients achieve results.